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Working with Contacts

How to import from Yahoo Mail

Video Tutorial - Watch How to Import Contacts to FileFlex From Yahoo Mail

  • Open Yahoo Mail. Select Contact Manager icon located in the top left corner navigation bar.

  • In the top task bar, select the Actions and in the dropdown select Export. A file will be exported to your downloads folder called yahoo_contacts.csv.

  • Open FileFlex. Select the menu in the Global Application Bar.
  • In the dropdown, select Add/Manage Contacts.

  • This opens the contact manager. In the contact manager, select Import Contacts.

  • In the Import from dialog box, select Delimited File.

  • In the Import from csv dialog box, select Choose File.
  • Navigate to the contacts file you exported from Yahoo and select Open. The default download location is your Downloads folder. The default filename is yahoo_contacts.csv.
  • In the Import from csv dialog box, select Upload.
  • In the Contacts Imported dialog box, select Done.
  • In Contact Management, select Done.

Congratulations - you have imported your Yahoo Mail contacts.