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Getting Started

FileFlex Overview

FileFlex uses leading edge storage virtualization technology to provide secure remote computer file access and encrypted file sharing for iPhone, Android, Windows, iOS and Linux users.

Patented FileFlex technology virtualizes data locations allowing users to access and share files from any device, wherever they are stored. Now from a single dashboard, users have access and file sharing from computers, public cloud storage (such as Google, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box), FTP, network attached storage (NAS) and smart WiFi routers. FileFlex Social Edition leverages Facebook for contact management and allows users to share files of any type and size with their Facebook friends securely.

As people use more than one personal computing device, the old paradigm of device centric data where files are stored on the personal computer is being replaced with data continuity. Using FileFlex and its data virtualization technology, files are available to users no matter where they are or what device they are using.

FileFlex storage allows files to be accessed and shared from the source locations where they are stored. Nothing is uploaded to FileFlex or any middleman. There are no caps on storage because users can have as many files and storage locations as they like and any size or type of file, including executable files (.exe and .dmg) can be shared with any authorized Facebook friend. The technology satisfies even the most robust demands of multimedia files such as videos and photos and addresses issues of fragmentation of information, lack of storage space, complex user interfaces and the use of multiple apps to access and share from multiple storage locations.